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Developing An Urban Tactical Mindset

  • Four Universal Safety Rules,

  • The Fundamentals of Shooting Stance,

  • Proper Grip

  • Sight Alignment & Sight Picture

  • Breath Control

  • Loading a Magazine

  • Trigger Press and Reset, Trigger Manipulation. Trigger Control and Trigger Discipline

Register@ $150


Instructor: Dr Ray Hagins & Professor Griff

for more info contact Griff @678.557.2919

CashApp  $professorgriff *please pay $5 extra for fees


Each student will learn the  Basics in Firearm Fundamentals,Grip and Stance, Sight Alignment, Trigger Control, Training in firearm drills, Education in "Situational Awareness", Color Codes Of Awareness and most of all,The Four Universal Safety Rules to become a responsible firearms owner.


No open toed Shoes

No V-Neck shirts or sweaters

Please wear a baseball cap

Please wear long sleeves


*Please Bring Eye Protection, Ear Protection and One Box Of 50 round Ammo


Students are required to cancel at least 48 hours in advance of a class date in order to receive a full refund. Classes cancelled less than 48 hours before the class will not be refunded.

*NO Refund Policy

To All My Sirius Arms firearms class taught under Professor Griff Corp registration payments are non-refundable but may be transferred to another student or used towards a future class date. Due to the logistics involved in rescheduling classes, our policy states that you will only be allowed to reschedule once. If you are unable to attend the second scheduled class, you will forfeit any payments made to Professor Griff Corp. By paying the amount agreed upon, (Via Stripe, Paypal Cash App)you are agreeing that you are aware and fully understand the refund/reschedule policy. You also agree and understand that (PGC) has the right to refuse, dismiss or remove any persons from any (PGC) event or training course for failure to adhere to any safety rules.*Must take class with in 14 days of in-person class or online class.

Real Estate Agent Safety & Self-Defense Class

Our course is designed to prepare real estate professionals for common safety issues they may face, such as meeting new clients, driving clients to properties, and showing vacant homes. You will learn how to recognize potential threats, how to avoid dangerous situations, and how to react in the event of an emergency. Our experienced instructors will provide you with practical and effective self-defense techniques that you can use to protect yourself and your clients.

Thursday, October 19th @7pm

This class will be a zoom meeting
sign up now @
text 678.557.2919 for more info

To register for our full 2 1/2 Class please email

range time and self defense techniques.


Georgia's Firearm Permit Reciprocity

Thank you for visiting the Georgia Department of Public Safety website. Georgia reciprocates in recognizing firearms licenses with the following states:

Alabama, Alaska*, Arkansas, Arizona*, Colorado*, Florida*, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana*, Maine, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, New Hampshire, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia*, West Virginia, Wisconsin*, and Wyoming.

NOTE: Alaska, Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Louisiana, Virginia and Wisconsin recognize only those Georgia licenses issued to persons twenty one years of age or older.

CAUTION! Georgia weapons license holders should familiarize themselves with the individual requirements and limitations on Georgia weapons licenses in any of the states where they may wish to exercise their rights. Weapons laws vary from state to state and there may be municipal or county ordinances regulating weapons in other states. Also, please note that states may honor Georgia licenses in regard to firearms while not recognizing licenses as to other weapons, such as knives.

For additional information about Georgia's firearm laws, click this link O.C.G.A. § 16-11-126, or visit the Lexis-Nexis website

The following link includes the latest updates to Georgia's Firearm Permit Reciprocity found on the Georgia Attorney General's Office website


Firearm Cleaning Class

Handguns only for this class (one gun only)


Cleaning your handgun will help you:

  • Understand Your Weapon. By taking apart your gun to clean it, you'll have a better understanding of how it works and what the inner components do as you pull the trigger. ...

  • Ensure Reliability and Safety. ...

  • Increase Longevity. ...

  • Learn Proper Lubrication. ...

  • Avoid Major Issues.


Why is it so important to clean your gun?


Cleaning helps remove any gunk or buildup from use and ensures your firearm can operate at its top performance. If you rely on your firearm for home security, it's essential that you give it routine attention to make sure it'll do its job well when you need it most.


What happens if u dont clean your gun?


After many, many rounds, this residue can begin to build up. This fouling comes from the powder, wad, and bullets. Further, moisture from weather and sweat can cause corrosive rust to damage your gun's metal parts. Fouling built up over time can impact a gun's reliability

Over time, firearms can be damaged by buildup, corrosion and rust, and even just regular friction as parts rub together. Regular cleaning can help maintain all the moving parts inside your firearm, stop it from jamming, and keep it functioning for years to come.



Professor Griff



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